At Cannaba Tree, we truly value your Custom and Loyalty. So we want to make shopping with us rewarding in every sense of the word!

‘LOYALTY POINTS’ Reward Program

Our ‘Loyalty Points’ Reward Program lets you earn ‘Loyalty Points’ each time you make a purchase with us – We offer 1 ‘Loyalty Point’ which is equal to £1 for every £10 you spend in our CBD Shop, which can be redeemed once you have collected 20 Points equal to a £20 discount voucher.

The process is simple. Register for a free account with us, and start earning ‘Loyalty Points’ each time you make a purchase, earn 1 Point for every £10 spent in our shop.

Once you have collected 20 Points your £20 discount automatically becomes available to use at Check Out on your next purchase, as a way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer and saving you money every time you buy CBD oil from Cannaba Tree.

How to Earn ‘Loyalty Points’

Simply register on our site in the ‘My Account’ area in the top right side of the header bar, in the footer, or at check-out and earn 1 Point for every £10 you spend in our CBD Shop!

1 Point equals £1 and can be redeemed against anything in the store once 20 Points (equal to £20) has been collected.

How to Redeem Your ‘Loyalty Points’

Points can be redeemed at checkout. A minimum of 20 Points required for redemption. When you reach the Payment Method area, you will see your Points balance and the monetary equivalent. If you’ve accumulated enough Points, you will see the option to redeem them as a payment method.

View Your ‘Loyalty Points’ Balance in Your ‘My Account’ Area

To view how many ‘Loyalty Points’ you have earned, simply click into your ‘My Account’ area found in the main Home page header, or footer, where you will see ‘Points’ displayed.

Or for any questions you may have Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!




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