CannabiGold Capsules, 30 x 10mg CBD Oil

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For those who dislike the taste of CBD oil drops, CannabiGold has produced these cannabis oil capsules UK buyers will love. They’re a convenient way to benefit from the pure, potent CBD oil this pioneering brand creates. 

  • The highest grade hemp seed oil with full spectrum benefits for optimal wellness
  • Each capsule is a powerhouse, containing a guaranteed minimum of 10mg of CBD
  • The hemp is grown without pesticides and CO2-extracted for pure, natural goodness
  • The easy-to-swallow gelatine capsules allow for more accurate dosing
  • Pack contains 30 CBD oil capsules
  • One capsule contains a guaranteed minimum of 10mg natural CBD
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CannabiGold Capsules – Trying to decide whether to use CBD oil or capsules? CannabiGold Smart is the answer. These handy capsules contain top-grade gold hemp seed oil and CO2-extracted hemp with full spectrum benefits. That means that with every capsule, you get the wellness benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD oil capsules are the ideal solution if you dislike the taste and thought of drops under your tongue. They’re also convenient and mess-free to take when you’re on the go. The shape and the smooth casing make them easy to swallow; the gelatine also acts to protect the contents and preserve their potency and purity. With capsules, you also benefit from precise dosing for optimal effects.

Led by a team of scientific experts, CannabiGold is a reputable name in CBD oil with a true passion for what they do and an innovative approach to production. Their full spectrum CBD oil capsules are an easy way to experience the pleasure of taking their products.

CannabiGold’s quality control begins at the seed selection stage. Their hemp plants are tested throughout the growth process and the harvesting techniques are continually optimised. CannabiGold knows that the quality of the hemp impacts on the end product, so they strive to obtain only the best.

In collaboration with Green Absolutes, CannabiGold is one of the few companies that design equipment to optimise the supercritical CO2 extraction process. They have developed a way to extract only the desired ingredients without the use of any chemicals so they can create the purest products.

CannabiGold (and external labs) conduct multiple daily studies on the composition of their CBD extract so you know you can trust their products. Over 3000 in-depth experiments are performed on extraction and cold purification; few CBD companies analyse the cannabinoid profile of their products in such detail.

Meticulous production control and a dynamic approach to product development ensure CannabiGold produces nothing less than the best CBD oil. The result of all this rigorous quality control is top-grade golden hemp extract that is rich in CBD and other natural, wellbeing-boosting phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

One capsule contains a guaranteed minimum of 10mg natural CBD.

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