How Long Does CBD Oil Take To Work

How Long Does CBD Oil Take To Work?


As the message about CBD benefits continues to spread, people everywhere are beginning to shift their mindset when it comes to cannabis for wellness and trying a supplement like CBD for the first time. And as with introducing anything new to the body, a common question among people new to the world of CBD oil is, “how long does CBD oil take to work?”

While this is an important question asked by many first-time users, it’s often one that goes unanswered, leaving new consumers to make their own assumptions.

This lack of knowing what to expect can often leave new users with a gap in how they understand CBD and can lead to distorted expectations about its effects.


Firstly, as with all new supplements being introduced to the body, it can take CBD users a little time to experience the full benefits of cannabidiol (we feel a week or two is a good timeframe to test if a product is starting to work for you) and it’s important to note that for long term endocannabinoid system support and supplement effectiveness, patience and consistency is definitely key.

Before the benefits of CBD can be delivered, it must first be absorbed into the bloodstream. Once in our bloodstream, the CBD can be distributed throughout our whole endocannabinoid system where it interacts and influences our body’s own ECS receptors – This interaction is the catalyst for activating the many benefits of CBD.


Well, the short answer is, it can vary, and no one size fits all. There are several key factors that come into play – The quality and type of CBD, the consumption method, an individual’s weight, metabolic rate, body composition, and general health.

And in the long answer, we’ll explain how each of these factors plays their role, giving you a greater understanding of how CBD can work for you.


CBD can be taken in various different ways, including Sublingually (oil drops under the tongue), Topically (using a balm or salve), Orally (capsule or edibles) Inhaled (vaping)

Each of these methods delivers the CBD into the bloodstream via a different route and it’s important to understand that each route will break down and filter the CBD along the way as it passes through various digestive functions. Depending on your CBD dosage, only a percentage of CBD will make it into the bloodstream.

Let’s take a closer look at each method:

Sublingually: – Tincture, Oil Drops (under the tongue)

Method: – Enters the body by being absorbed into the veins under the tongue
Route: – Salivary Glands to veins under the tongue
Time to Take Effect:  15 – 25 minutes (Fast-Average)

Topically: – Balm, Salve, Lotion or Patch

Method: – Enters the body by being absorbed by the skin
Route: – Diffused through Lipids – Through Hair Follicles – Cell to cell permeation
Time to Take Effect:  25 – 45 minutes (Slow)

Orally: – Capsules, Edibles & Drinks

Method: – Enters the body through the mouth
Route: – Salivary Glands and entire stomach digestive system & process (Liver, Pancreas, Stomach Acids, etc)
Time to Take Effect:  25 – 35 minutes (Average-Slow)

Inhalation: – Vaping or Inhaler

Method: – Enters the body directly through the lungs
Route: – Lungs to the bloodstream
Time to Take Effect:  10 – 20 minutes (Fast)

So as we can see, sublingually through oil drops under the tongue and inhalation through vaping are the fastest routes into the bloodstream and usually the favored options.


The quality of the CBD you take is a very important factor.

Quality CBD

Using low-quality CBD products can complicate and hinder the absorption process, slowing down the way in which our bodies process substances.
‘Low-quality can refer to numerous undesirable issues including:

• A product containing low-quality ingredients, genetically modified ingredients, or ingredients that are harmful.
• A product that is heat damaged or has been left in the sun
• A product that contains ingredients that are hard to digest
• The product has not been properly produced

Every Person is Unique

Each and every one of us is unique, we all have different behaviors, habits, feelings and of course different bodies. Therefore, the answer in this article will vary from person to person.

If we recorded results from two different people, taking the same type, dose and quality of CBD at the precise same time, not only would the CBD impact their bloodstreams at different times, but the results would also vary if either person repeated the experiment, using the exact same conditions just on a different day.

This is because every person’s body is different from the next, and each persons own body composition can fluctuate at any given moment.

Below are some factors to consider:

Body Weight and Mass:

A person’s weight and body mass play a big part in determining how your body consumes a substance. A person with a larger body will require more of any given substance to feel its effects and will also take a longer time to process the substance, due to the greater quantity.

Metabolic Rate:

Each person has their own rate of metabolism, which is the process of breaking down and synthesizing compounds within the body, to consistently maintain the bodies vital functions.

Body Composition:

A person’s body composition, which includes the composition of various body parts, is a factor that will impact the body’s ability to process CBD either more quickly or slowly.

If for example, you are taking prescription drugs, this could alter your body’s composition that could conflict or slow down the process of absorption.

Similarly, if a person is stressed maybe the stomach enzymes won’t digest as effectively, or any number of other conditions that could impact the way your body may process a substance.


So, in closing, lets come back to the original question in this article, How Long Does CBD Oil take to Work?

As you now know, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question, as every individual person is unique, with a unique set of circumstances that determine how their body processes CBD.

If you are new to CBD, start by looking at the ‘Time To Take Effect’ section (shown with each method of consumption) Compare these with your own timings of how quickly you notice calm or ease and use the insights from ‘The Quality of CBD Matters’ and ‘Every Person is Unique’ sections in this article to help determine what may be impacting your body’s rate of processing CBD.

This should work well as a guideline for most general cases, but for more extreme cases start by working out the CBD Dosage that brings you noticeable effects, as well as the time it takes to feel those effects and from there by using the information in this article you can tweak any factors that may improve your body’s CBD processing abilities.

We hope we’ve helped answer some of your ‘How long does CBD Oil take to work’ questions in this post, and you now have a better understanding of how CBD works within our body, but please get in touch if you need further assistance with anything, we’ll be happy to help. 

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