Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disorder that affects the bones and muscles. Symptoms include muscle, joint and bone pain accompanied by mood and memory issues, sleep disorder and fatigue. It is believed the disorder is a result of how the brain processes pain signals.

Cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD) are a class of phytochemicals that are showing promise as a natural supplement. Currently, new research is showing that CBD oil may help alleviate some symptoms of fibromyalgia. It has been found to reduce pain that is associated with other types of disease, so may help pain associated with fibromyalgia. Anecdotal evidence from patients who use CBD oil shows it may relieve other symptoms of fibromyalgia, too, such as worry, inability to sleep and muscle tension.


Severe stress and sleep disturbances can be a trigger of chronic pain. It turns out that unusual activity of cells in the central nervous system may result in low-grade, internal inflammation, which can lead to widespread chronic pain. One theory that researchers are considering is that these cells become activated in people who suffer from fibromyalgia. A 2017 study indicated that cannabidiol may be a valid option for treatment to lessen abnormal cell activity, and that this type of intervention should be explored, further.

According to Marco Loggia, PhD, of the MGH-based Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, there are no viable medical treatments for fibromyalgia. Health issues including widespread pain, sleep issues and inflammation are all symptoms of this debilitating disease. But many people who use CBD oil find relief from these same symptoms, which is why they are using it for fibromyalgia and with great success.


While the research is still coming in, anecdotal evidence is the main reason for the rise in popularity of using CBD oil. Many people who suffer use it for relief of symptoms like discomfort, stress and trouble sleeping, all of which are health problems that accompany fibromyalgia. Along with feeling better physically, part of the appeal of CBD oil is that it can be taken without the harsh side effects of most medications.

Even though there are no direct studies indicating that CBD has a direct effect on fibromyalgia, or whether pain from fibromyalgia is lessened because inflammation is reduced, it has benefits for both. Since inflammation is a symptom of fibromyalgia, lessening it may reduce the stress on internal organs, which may offer some relief. And since studies show there are positive benefits of CBD for relaxation, it may help a patient with fibromyalgia feel more comfortable, which is important for a good night’s sleep.


CBD is a natural plant product, that’s generally well tolerated and considered safe.

We know from studies that side effects experienced by CBD consumers are very few to none at all, and users showed even with heavy use of CBD (participants using 300mg of CBD daily for 6 months) no signs of side effects.

That being said, some side effects have reportedly been experienced by CBD users during initial use, such as, dry mouth, nausea, loss of appetite and sleepiness. These may indicate the dose needs adjusting, or the timing of the dose may need adjusting, for example, supplementing closer to bedtime if CBD is making you sleepy.


If you decide to try CBD for your discomfort due to fibromyalgia, always check with your doctor to ensure there are no interactions with other medications and always follow the product dosage guidelines.

NOT ALL CBD OIL IS CREATED EQUAL! – Do your research and look for all-natural, high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil from a reputable source you can trust.

CBD oil is regarded as safe and generally well tolerated. Start small and slowly build up while observing any subtle changes you may feel. Be patient as CBD works differently on every person and can work quickly to calm anxiety but can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the body to adjust fully to a new supplement regime and for full effects to be experienced. Experiment with the supplement dosage, be consistent and patient, as too little or too much CBD oil is never as good as getting the dosage just right for you and your situation, and can be well worth the effort for a healthier, happier life.

Using CBD oil for fibromyalgia could help reduce symptoms naturally by supporting your endocannabinoid system, rather than relying on man-made medications which can often leave us feeling out of balance.

For more information on how CBD oil works naturally to support your endocannabinoid system, read our beginners’ guide here.

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