CBD is short for cannabidiol, a phytochemical that many are turning to for self-management of various ailments. While the research is still coming in about CBD oil and its role in treating disease, it is gaining traction as a complementary tool for those with cancer. There is no official evidence that CBD can cure cancer, but scientists are currently reviewing studies of CBD and symptoms, with some surprisingly promising results.


There is no current research to prove how CBD oil affects cancer, but many people successfully use it to help cope with some health issues that are related to cancer or cancer treatments.

  • Sometimes cancer and the therapies that go with treatment can lead to severe discomfort or pain. Medications have been created to address this issue, but most come with side effects. For this reason, some turn to natural supplement CBD oil instead.
  • Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be devastating and stressful. Fortunately, CBD oil can help one relax to keep stress levels down if traditional medications are too harsh. Cancer treatment is hard on the body and mind, so rest is crucial as the body is healing.
  • In a clinical review of studies using CBD oil, it appeared that it interfered with the ability of tumor cells to multiply. This is promising news as it paves the way for future studies with CBD as a potential ally in the fight against cancer.


CBD is short for the phytochemical known as cannabidiol and is similar to human neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids. Scientists don’t know exactly how CBD oil works in the body, but there are some valid theories. When CBD is consumed, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, where it is carried throughout the body. Lucky for us, we have cannabinoid receptors, or proteins, throughout the body that interact with our natural endocannabinoids. The same receptors may bind with, or be influenced by CBD to trigger some biological effects.

When CBD oil is applied topically, even less is understood of why it works or what biological processes take place. It may reduce inflammation or have some effect on neurotransmitters like serotonin, but as research continues, more benefits may be revealed.

More studies have been done in the use of cannabis and THC, so research with CBD oil and cancer is still in its infancy. But those who use it are reporting great benefits when used properly, and with the lack of side effects, this may be a good choice for those who want to be proactive in their health.


Overall, CBD oil is generally considered safe with very few and minimal side effects. However, if you are taking medications, you should always talk to your doctor or health care professional before taking CBD oil, or any other botanical supplement. The best approach is to do your research a find a reputable company selling high-quality, lab-verified, safe and effective CBD oil products. Once you have chosen which product you are interested in, present it to your doctor, as providing the most information will help you get the best results.

For more information on how CBD Oil works naturally to support your endocannabinoid system, read our beginners’ guide here.

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