Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant and is being looked at by the scientific community to see if it has any therapeutic value. Recent studies of CBD oil for blood pressure are encouraging, and may indicate it has value for use in this field.


While a person’s blood pressure may vary throughout the day, some health issues may cause it to be abnormally low or high. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is the most common abnormality and can lead to other, more serious health problems such as stroke or blood clots.

There are many reasons why one would develop high blood pressure. Some are prone to hypertension due to hereditary or it may come about as a result from stress or a poor diet. Even a past traumatic event can create a lifetime of hypertension. Arterial walls can accumulate a build of proteins that clog and clot, which narrows and weakens blood vessels. The result may be fatal, but there are some ways to be proactive at home and reduce your risk of hypertension:

  • Exercise at least three times each week for 30 minutes
  • Manage stress with meditation, therapy or journaling
  • Incorporate a healthy diet with more whole foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Try herbal supplements


Using CBD oil as a self-help supplement may provide benefits in a few ways. Some research indicates it may help reduce stress, and it is well known that stress is linked to hypertension. There is much anecdotal evidence of users who enjoy CBD to help them relax and even feel less stress. A consistent, relaxed demeanor may lead to better overall health, including healthy blood pressure.

Preclinical trials at the University of Nottingham had even more exciting news. It seems that a single dose may lower blood pressure in patients who were under stress and at rest. This may be because the compound has a way of dilating blood vessels, which allows more blood to pass through, more easily. This can take the pressure off the heart, so it doesn’t have to work so hard.

Some people enjoy using CBD oil to manage their stress levels, which is linked to high blood pressure. High blood pressure often results as people feel upset, leading to an increased heart rate and breathing. When this happens on a daily basis, it can lead to health issues, but CBD users report they deal with life situations more easily, allowing them to remain calm without the drowsy side effects of medications.


If you already take medications of any kind, talk to your doctor or health care provider about using CBD oil for your blood pressure. They will inform you if there are any interactions and if CBD will be safe for you.

Once you decide you will use it, do your research. There are many companies that sell CBD oil, so always look for a reputable company that sells lab-verified products. Always follow the recommended dosage, and get regular checkups from your doctor to monitor your blood pressure. And above all, take care of yourself with a good diet and exercise with a focus on relaxation.

For more information on how CBD Oil works naturally to support your endocannabinoid system, read our beginners’ guide here.

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