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We are Jon and Natalie and the founders of Cannaba Tree, a trusted CBD oil website in the UK. Our personal experience with the healing powers of the cannabis plant and CBD oil has sparked our passion, and a desire to spread the word to help others.


Our mission is to share the truth about CBD oil in the UK. Cannabis has gotten a bad rap by the medical industry, and this has affected all products associated with it including hemp and CBD. But, by changing perceptions and shattering the stigma, we strive to open minds to the powerful benefits that CBD oil can provide. Naturally!


As a young man, Jon began to experience Rheumatoid arthritis in his elbow; a very painful experience that robbed him of sleep and led to weakness in his arm. I, Natalie, suffered from dry skin patches on my shoulders that could only be controlled as long as I used topical medications, while our teenage daughter suffered sever acne.

With either temporary or no relief from mainstream medications, we chose a more holistic path and incorporated CBD oil. Our new lifestyle has been successful, and we will never look back. But we will continue to share the knowledge and spread the word about the amazing cannabis plant and the benefits of CBD.


We want to shatter the stigma and spread the word that CBD oil is a natural and safe supplement. Your body even has its own CBD receptors within its own endocannabinoid system, and it turns out the CBD molecules of the plant and our ECS interact perfectly. Plants have been used for healing as long as man has existed, and we believe this holds true today, maybe more than ever.

As Hippocrates once said, “Nature itself is the best physician.”


We know the CBD oil industry can be overwhelming and murky. That’s why we created this site; to help you navigate the information and learn what’s real. The products we sell are the same products we use for ourselves and our family, and the same ones we want to share with you.

Finding high quality CBD oil and products that were effective while avoiding untested, low potency and poor-quality products became our personal mission. As it turns out, our findings were too good to keep to ourselves, so we’re spreading the word…Nature Really Does Do It Best!


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Our Ethos

Nature itself is the best physician

– Hippocrates

Our Mission

The real driving force behind Cannaba Tree is the message we want to share!

Changing Perceptions

We want to change perceptions, shatter the stigma and spread the word! – We want others to know, that with guidance from a trusted seller, Legal, Safe, Effective, High Quality CBD Oil is available to everyone who needs it and our mind and body can indeed be supported naturally, just the way nature intended.

Products We Use, Love and Trust

We created our CBD oil UK website to provide helpful information surrounding CBD oil and cannabinoid wellness, as well as researching and stocking some of the best premium quality CBD products on the market – Products we use, love and trust ourselves.