5 Reasons Why CBD is Shifting Perceptions

5 Reasons Why CBD is Shifting Perceptions


Cannabis has been used for many thousands of years in natural herbal remedies, textiles, food and more. The hemp plant is hardy, robust and highly nutritious with the leaves, flowers and seeds offering a variety of benefits.

But due to misconceptions about the cannabis plant and its effects, its reputation has taken a hit in recent times. Cannabis use has become a controversial topic and anyone championing its benefits could be at risk of being viewed as a “druggie” or “stoner”.

Thankfully, advances in science and the support of cannabis advocates, like us here at Cannaba Tree, mean that the tables are once again turning. People are waking up to the benefits of cannabis and more importantly, the cannabis compound, cannabidiol (CBD).

This compound is extracted from hemp leaves and flowers and used in supplements like CBD oil or capsules for its incredible therapeutic benefits. Everyone from your favourite celebrity to the everyday man on the street is shouting about what CBD has done for them – and so its popularity is rapidly growing.

With that said, you may have questions or even concerns about buying and taking CBD oil. Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re breaking the law by using CBD in the UK, or you’re desperate to ask, what is CBD oil UK legislation? Well, although the CBD oil UK industry is as yet still unregulated, the products are not illegal.

Maybe you’re wondering, what are the benefits of CBD oil and why is CBD oil good for you? Seriously, why are so many people raving about its importance to their wellness? Simply put: it’s a natural supplement that can help optimise your wellbeing. We ourselves have tried, tested and loved the CBD oil products which you can find in our Shop.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 good reasons CBD oil is changing perceptions and is such an important breakthrough product, rather than an illegal drug to be feared or maligned.


At Cannaba Tree, we aim to promote the many wellness benefits of CBD oil products and remove the stigma that surrounds the usage of them. We ourselves use CBD oil and we want to share what we’ve learned so that others can reap the wellbeing rewards.

So when was CBD oil legalized?

The truth is: it is not illegal to sell, buy or use CBD oil products in the UK. But – the important thing to remember is that in the UK, it is against the law for CBD oil to contain more than 0.2% THC.

THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, and in the UK, CBD must only be extracted from the hemp variety of cannabis which contains low levels of THC. When buying CBD oil online, always check the product label and the company’s third-party lab test results or the certificates of analysis to ensure the THC amount is below the UK legal level.


Contrary to the perceptions of many people, CBD oil won’t get you “stoned” or “high” as it has a unique structure that renders it almost completely non-psychoactive. So how does CBD oil make you feel? Well, it delivers multiple wellness benefits for the mind and body that can make you feel great inside and out.

While we are restricted from marketing CBD as a medical treatment for any condition, it can help to optimize your health and support your endocannabinoid system, promoting balance and natural wellbeing.


At Cannabis Tree, we’re working to educate our customer base about how CBD and marijuana differ. Over the years, the media has portrayed cannabis users in a harsh, negative light.

We’ve all read propaganda news articles about “potheads” protesting on the streets, or overheard people talking about their “lazy, stoned” neighbor from hell. While there are certainly people who fall into those categories, these media portrayals couldn’t be further removed from your average CBD oil user!

Thankfully, mindsets are changing due to advances in scientific knowledge, access to more and better information and also changes in the attitudes of the public. Many people are becoming much more open-minded when it comes to the therapeutic properties the cannabis plant has to offer and are now keen to push aside their previously-held beliefs to learn more about the benefits of CBD.

So what is CBD oil used for?

Generally, consumers look to CBD oil for its calming, therapeutic benefits for mind and body health and wellbeing and are certainly not using the products to enjoy an illegal drug-fuelled experience!


If you’re wondering how to consume CBD, don’t worry – you definitely don’t have to smoke cannabis! This wellbeing-boosting compound is available in many different forms, including sublingual drops that you place under your tongue, capsules you can take with your other health supplements, vaping liquid you can use alone or mix with your favourite e-juice and even beauty products like body lotions and topical balms!

What’s more, the availability of CBD oil products is continually improving. All of the above products can be bought from quality health stores or online. Remember to do your research before buying, or better still, buy your CBD oil from a trusted seller such as Cannaba Tree!

We’ve done the research – including testing the products – so you don’t have to take any risks with your health or your money. All our products are carefully sourced from brands we use, love and trust.


CBD oil is easy to incorporate into your daily routine, whatever form you choose to take it in. But what does CBD oil help with? Regular consumption of CBD oil at the correct dosage works to support our endocannabinoid system, delivering multiple therapeutic effects depending on the individual needs and where the body requires extra support to rebalance and return to homeostasis.

By regularly consuming a good quality full-spectrum CBD oil, you’re well placed to experience the synergistic entourage effect for enhanced cannabinoid wellness, while also gaining a health boost in the form of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Here at Cannaba Tree, we’ve seen and experienced first-hand the reasons why CBD oil is an important breakthrough product in the wellness industry.

As such, we’re proud to stock CBD oil for pets and people; We sell a range of NuLeaf Naturals CBD products which are among the only full-spectrum formulas carried in hospitals, medical practices and vet clinics across the US. Every single product is hand-chosen by us for its quality, purity, effectiveness, legality, and affordability.

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